Tips on Framing Prints

What are my framing options?!

When it comes to framing there are those that will get it matted, custom framed and pay extra for the museum glass or those that order a cheaper frame online that is the exact size and call it a day. 

I've had many requests for a blog that can direct those that are a little lost in the right direction when it comes to framing. 

Before I dive into this if you are wondering what size the art you purchased is please go back to the item on the site. The size of it will be in the description.

Taking it to get professionally framed

You can go to your local framers shop or a big brand store like Hobby Lobby or A.C Moore and get your art framed there. You can get a custom frame created which will be more expensive or you can purchase a finished frame and then have them matte it or just frame it and get it ready to hang. They will also give you options on different types of glasses. 

What Type of Materials Should Be Used?

Only use acid-free materials, this includes reversible hinging tape, acid-free mat, and spacers. Doing so ensures the paper won't discolor over time - remaining vibrant in your collection for years and generations to come.

What is a Mat?

A mat is a border, usually made from mat board, placed around the artwork. The purpose of the mat is, first, to provide a spacer or separation between the artwork and the frame or glass. If the glass comes into contact with the art, there could be a risk of damage to the artwork. This damage may come in the form of mold, or the artwork adhering to the under side of the glass. Second, the mat, particularly the color of the mat, draws the eye into the picture. By altering the colors in the mats, we can make the colors in the art stand out. And third, the mat hides the mechanics of the framed piece. For instance, the mat will cover the mounting method used such as a hinge or dry mount. The standard size of mats is 32 x 40, but some colors will come in an oversized 40 x 60. The standard thickness of a mat is 4 ply, which is about 2 mm. Mats are also made in a limited color range of six, eight and twelve ply thicknesses. These thicker mats create a dramatic presentation, drawing the eye directly to the art. Mats come in a variety of colors and textures which will allow your design consultant to select the mats that just right for your picture.

Where Can I Buy a Frame Online? 

There are so many places you can buy frames online starting off with Amazon. I have compiled a list of links that will take you directly a couple sites with frames.

Don't Forget About Vintage! 

You can also always go vintage and get a frame from a thrift store or local art market. Also remember you can always get a bigger frame and then get the art matted. For example, if you find a 12" by 12" frame you absolutely love but the art is 8" X 8" you can have it matted by a professional. 

You can find examples here on how others have framed my work.  

If you have any questions at all feel free to leave it in the comments!