Miami Beach Bachelorette Weekend


My bachelorette weekend felt like a dream. From dancing on a private catamaran to eating yummy foods on the beach, overlooking the crystal clear ocean, this experience was perfect. I reunited with my favorite people, and it felt so good!

In most cases, a best friend or sister is in charge of planning the bachelorette party for the bride, but I absolutely love planning and hosting events, so I took this weekend into my own hands, and planned it all. However, my best friends and sisters did have a couple sneaky surprises up their sleeves...

Picking the destination

I live in Los Angeles and my sisters & best friends live in different states. Since most of them live on the east coast I wanted the weekend to take place in a state where most of them didn't have to travel too far. So I picked Miami. I’m originally from South Florida and when I envisioned my perfect bachelorette weekend I saw palm trees, beaches and a lot of sun.


Who makes the cut

I invited my bridesmaids. My closest friends, my sisters and soon to be sister-in-laws.


The hotel

We stayed at the W hotel in South Beach Miami, in the Sensational 2-bedroom suite. It was like one big sleep over. Even though the website says two bedroom there is also an extra tv room with a couch that has a pull-out bed so it was more like a three bedroom suite.




Pool day

Lunch by the pool


Dinner at Mr. Chows

Game night in the suite.



Lunch on the beach

Catamaran excursion from 4-9 pm

Head back to the W

Shower and change and order in room service

Stay up talking until we fall asleep


Cabana by the pool

Order breakfast in the cabana

Hangout in the cabana and have drinks

Go to the adults only pool

Have lunch in the cabana

Hangout until we had to leave for the airport


What happened

The bachelorette weekend was from Friday to Sunday. I actually took the red eye and left Los Angeles Thursday night and got there Friday at 5:30am.

Friday morning my sister and I relaxed pool side and had breakfast while I caught up with the last bit of emails before I shut my computer off for the weekend. We ordered the omelette with potatoes and the tropical fruit plate. I also ordered the coconut water that comes in a freshly opened coconut. We napped and laid out until the other girls got to the hotel. Once everyone arrived, we all caught up, hanging and talking in the pool. The water temperature was perfection. I’m really picky when it comes to water temperature. I cannot go into a cold pool and this one was just right. After a couple hours passed we were notified the room was ready, my sisters and friends went up to the room before me.

After a bit they came back down to get the rest of us so that we could drop bags off and get ready for the beach. I opened up the door to the beautiful spacious suite that looks even better in person than in photos. The living room was decorated with balloons and confetti and a big Bride To Be sign over the sliding door. The master bedroom was also decorated and over the bed there were more balloons and balloon letters that spelled out Bride. There were also two HUGE pizzas waiting for us in the room. The decorations were a combination of my sisters and best friends and also the team at the W hotel who knew it was my bachelorette weekend so they made sure to decorate it and make it extra special. They also gifted us a champagne bottle. I felt so loved and happy. It was such a nice way to enter the suite.

We spent a couple hours in the ocean before we had to head back up to get ready for our reservation at Mr. Chow. I’ll go over the food in detail a little later when I dive into what we ate over the weekend. The ambience was great at the restaurant and the service was probably top three of any restaurant in my life. They were very friendly and attentive. I found out after the fact that the restaurant was recently awarded the 5 Star Diamond Award by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences for its excellence, service, and cuisine.

After a morning of travel, a full day in the sun and a big filling dinner we went back up to our rooms and changed into our pjs. I used up prime real estate in my luggage to bring the game Telestrations with me. It’s an up to 8 player game that ALWAYS gets a great laugh out of everyone, just look at the 5 star reviews on it. I first heard about this game from Joey’s family who loves playing it.. If it wasn’t that game I would’ve probably brought Sorry instead, which I absolutely love. Joey and I went through a random period once when we used to play a game of Sorry while eating dinner every day. Off topic. Sorry... So Friday night we played two rounds of Telestrations. After so much laughing throughout the game, everyone passed out, probably around midnight. Except for me. I ended up staying awake with one of my friends until like four in the morning, talking, laughing and crying…The new TLC’s for deep convos.

It’s Saturday and we are so excited to have a day at the beach. We ended up renting extra beach chairs and getting a fantastic, prime spot thanks to Joey’s sisters, Marlee and Phoebe, who woke up earlier than everyone else to reserve the beach chairs. There was a sandbar close to the shore and the water was SO CLEAR, I’m talking Bora Bora, Fiji, Maldives clear. We kept joking around that we felt like we were in the Maldives or something. The water was the perfect temperature so we spent most of the day in the water, it really felt like a pool. We were having so much fun we didn’t even realize the time was flying by. Next thing we know it was time to take an Uber to Brickell for our evening out on the ocean.

I rented a catamaran for us so that we can spend the evening on the water and watch the sunset from the boat. This was the highlight to the trip. I can probably write a blog post just about our time on the catamaran. The boat was really clean and beautiful. The captain and his wife had the whole trip down to a science. They had cold waters and coolers set up for us and the food we brought on board. They had pool noodles so that we could use them after we jumped in the ocean for a swim. They had a huge bluetooth speaker we connected our phones to so that we could pick the music all evening. They also not only offered to take so many pictures of us, but they even had us stage a rescue mission and gave us all props to take a fun photo for memories. We danced, ate, drank, laughed, swam and even jumped off of the top of the boat into the ocean. I was scared to jump at first but it ended up being so much fun and a great adrenaline rush I didn’t know I needed. The sunset was so breath taking that the captain of the boat, Aaron, came out to take pictures of it. He told us, even though he does this for a living, this sunset is top three he has seen in his life! I’m telling you, it was magical.

The boat got back to the dock at 9 pm after the sunset. By the time we got back to the W we were so exhausted that we just showered changed and got room service delivered for dinner. We stayed up and talked for a couple hours and called it a night. I know what many of you are thinking. . How is this a bachelorette party without any club or bar nights? Well, I’m not into going to clubs or bars anymore. I used to do that almost every weekend during my college years and I’m really over it. I’d rather stay up talking and eating and playing games.

The next day was our checkout day. We woke up and packed up our bags, leaving them in the room, while we went down to the cabana by the pool. We had breakfast & lunch in the cabana. We spent some time talking while hanging out in the adult only pool. I loved going there because it was really quiet and private. For about an hour we were the only ones there. Before we knew it the day had gone by and we had to call our Ubers for the airport. I left at 6 pm ish to catch my flight out of Fort Lauderdale at 9:20 pm.

All in all, this trip was the trip of a lifetime. Everything went even better than I could have imagined. None of this would have been possible without my bridesmaids, who went above and beyond to make me feel special and loved. And to all the people along the way who accommodated us, I just wanted to say one, big, THANK YOU!



The app Hopper is really great at finding cheap flights. You just put the date and airports you are flying into and out of and click a button that says watch and you will get notified when the prices have gone down and when it’s a good time to book or if you should wait to book. I have personally tried it multiple times and booked my fight to Miami with this app.

Make sure to reserve your pool side chairs and beach chairs early in the morning, they get filled up quickly. You can always reserve them and then come back to them later.

Get the waterproof phone holder. You can take pictures and videos under water with it. It’s super cheap on Amazon for $7.59 for two!

If you get sunburned just fold a towel up and soak it in water and put it on your back over your shoulders. It will keep you cool and protect you from sun exposure better than any sunblock.

Make a playlist ahead of time. We found ourselves trying to pick music on the spot on the catamaran. If We collaborated on a playlist ahead of time we wouldn’t of taken any time out to figure that out on the boat..efficiency!


What I packed



Both sunglasses

Vision glasses

Nikon camera

Nikon charger


Computer charger 

Phone charger 



Art prints 




Nipple covers

Bathing Suits 

Battery pack to recharge my phone




Beach hat 

Snacks for the plane 


Food Review

You can’t go wrong ordering any of the food at this hotel. I go out to eat at restaurants several times a week and find myself to be a persnickety eater. During the short weekend I ordered several items from the W’s menu.

I ordered :

The fruit plate


Waffles with berries

Coconut water

Double cheeseburger with fries

Chicken fingers with fries

Caesar Salad

Guacamole and chips


Baked Cookies and Brownie

Everything on that list was really good, the fries are to die for. If I have one critique is that the brownies and cookies offered were really small, they were bite size. I was not expecting that. Oh and if you order the shrimp by the pool which is what my sister ordered it only comes with about 4 pieces, she was expecting more. So just keep that in mind if you’re really hungry. Talking about all the food I ate last weekend is making me really hungry. It was sooooo good we didn't want to leave and eat anywhere else because we knew anything we ordered was going to be really good.

Mr. Chow

At first when I looked at the menu I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what I would order.

I am a really picky eater. My best friend Stephanie has known me for years and knows my palate. I let her take charge and order for the table. We had a vegetarian, a very picky eater and a dietician at the table among us. Everyone found plates they enjoyed. We were full by the end of the night that we didn’t have enough room for dessert.

We did the three course meal. It was a family style way of eating which was nice

because we just kept passing the food around.

Chicken Satay

Mr Chow Noodles

Lobster Shumai

My Little Dumplings

Beijing Duck

Beijing Chicken

Fiery Beef

Drunken Fish


Bachelorette Gift Boxes

I gifted each one of the girls who are also my bridesmaids a gift box with goodies in them.

I got the actual boxes on amazon here. The crinkled paper that went in each one was recycled from a gift I was given and the bows on each one was also recycled from ribbons I have been collecting from gifts I have been given.

I am really into skin care at this stage in my life creeping into my thirties so I made sure to include skin care items + my all time favorite chocolates.

Here’s a list of what went into every gift box:

Chocolove chocolate bar raspberries in dark chocolate

Boscia rosewater mist

Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask

Boscia Charcoal Jelly Ball Cleanser

Sonya Dakar Organic Omega Booster face oil

Sonya Dakar Lip shield chapstick in mint

Sonya Dakar Rose Gold Radiance Mask

I also gifted each a print of their choice

The chocolates are Fair Trade Certified, Organic, GMO free and Rainforest Alliance certified.

The Boscia products are preservative free, gluten-free, noncomedogenic and cruelty free.

The Sonya Dakar products are vegan, paraben free, sulfate free, do not have synthetic fragrances or synthetic dyes, no phthalates and cruelty free.



The most frequently asked question was how much money was spent this weekend.

Honestly I don’t know exactly but I do know that our food expenses, valet for one car for two nights, and three extra beach chairs added up to around 855.00, this is not including the room, the cabana, the night at Mr. Chows or the catamaran.

The room rates for the two bedroom suite we stayed in are always changing it is usually around $2,500 per night but you can look up the constantly changing rates here.

The catamaran cost me 983.25 and we tipped 200 so it was a total of 1,183.25 for 5 hours. You can also book it for a cheaper price if you only go on for 3 hours. I did a lot of research when booking this boat and this was definitely the most affordable for the quality.

Here is the pricing list for the catamaran.

If you go to Mr. Chows for dinner expect to spend around 130 per person if you get an alcoholic drink. Our dinner for 8 was a little over $1,000.00 without desserts.

The cabana was $500.00 for the day that fit us 6 comfortably (my little sister and friend Sylvia left before we got the cabana) but I know they offer bigger ones if needed.

I think that pretty much covers the costs I was aware of. My sisters and friends purchased some drinks and food for the trip and decorations.


Q & A

I had a lot of people reach out and ask questions after I posted about my bachelorette weekend on Instagram. Here are the answers:

  1. How do you establish that trust between you and your boyfriend for his bachelor weekend?

    If you don’t trust your fiancé on their bachelor weekend I don’t think you should be marrying them. I don’t know how to really answer this except that I hope you and your partner go into a marriage trusting each other and knowing the other person will never do something that will hurt/taint the relationship.

  2. I’m struggling with feeling selfish asking friends to spend on a vaca for me - felt similar?

    Yes. My friends are already buying flights for my wedding and my bachelorette weekend. I did not want them to spend a lot on my bachelorette. I covered the expenses and then let them know how much everything was and told them to just privately venmo whatever they were comfortable with. Some sent more and some sent less money, everyone has a different financial situation and I didn’t want that to hold anyone back from having a good time.

  3. If it’s ok, approx how much was your bachelorette? I’m planning my bff’s bach this year.

    Check under the Money heading above for price breakdowns.

  4. Where is your swimsuit coverup from?

    William B + Friends it’s a nearby boutique. They have several in Los Angeles.

    This is the address I got mine at: 8300 1/2 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

  5. Please tell us where your suitcase was from!

    Beis I am obsessed with my suitcase and other travel essentials I have from this brand.

    I have the carry-on roller in beige, the weekender bag, and the cosmetic case.

    side note- it’s a women owned brand.

  6. Did you spend more time at the beach than the clubs?

    We didn’t spend any time in a club or bar. It’s just not my scene. I went through a lot of partying in college and used to go out every single weekend sometimes even Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It’s just not fun for me anymore. I wouldn’t of been opposed to going to see live music one night but it just didn’t happen, we were so wiped by the end of the day.

  7. How much money would I have to save for the hotel and boat?

    You can find the catamaran rates here. It really depends on how many people are on the boat and how much time you want to be on the water. The hotel also varies on the room and the weekend you are planning to travel. You can find the hotel rates here.

  8. Where did you get both of your sunglasses from?

    The tortoise glasses I got from Toms I had them customized. I got the frames from Toms (which was only available for a limited time) and then I had my eye doctor replace the lenses which were originally blue with prescription darker lenses. The yellow sunglasses I have are not with prescription which I use for when I have contacts in. Those are still available, I got them from illesteva, you can buy those here.

  9. Where’d you stay?

    At the W Hotel on South Beach Miami, Florida.

  10. Please tell us about the boat rental and prices:)

    You can find the catamaran rates here.

  11. Any Strippers? lol

    No haha do people still do that?

  12. If it’s not too much to ask, can you give a price Indic & how much every of your friend chipped in?

    Everyone chipped in different amounts according to their budgets. I covered the rest.

  13. What are the main activities for a bachelorette party in real life, not like the movies?

    I think every bachelorette party will be different according to the brides ideal weekend and what is fun for them. Personally mine revolved around good food, sun, beach, pool, conversations and bonding time.

  14. Where is your hat from?

    I got my hat from a boutique in Los Angeles. It’s called Hardwear. It doesn’t have a website.

    This is the address: 152 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004

  15. Which ones are your sisters?

    The one with shorter hair in the video I posted dancing on the catamaran and the one with braids. Bianca and Claudia.

Feel free to leave feedback or any other questions you may have!

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps others plan an amazing south beach bachelorette.