Amanda and Joey Relationship Q & A

Yesterday I used the ask us anything graphic on Instagram in front of a photo of Joey and I and got A LOT of questions. I figured it would be much easier to answer them all in a blog post. Here are the top 15 most popular questions. 

1. How did you guys meet? 

We lived in the same apartment building and met at the pool. The building was having an event and we both went for the free food. I went with my grandma and were introduced there by a mutual friend that also lived in that building. Joey and I ended up talking so much my grandma left and we were the last ones laying by the pool talking for hours. 

2. How many years have you guys been together?


3. Relationship advice? "1" tip from each: 

Amanda - Before bed every night besides a good night kiss don't forget to say thank you. Thank you for specific acts of kindness, love and ways your partner helped during the day. I always want to make sure he feels loved and very appreciated. 

Joey - "Taking advantage of every second you get to be with them because when you are apart you would do anything to be with them again + give tons of back rubs + take trips together those are just so fun."

4. What do you two like doing most together?

traveling + cuddling + eating + just being together 24/7 haha

5. Will you guys have any babies soon?

What's soon? Within the next 5 years hopefully yes. 

6. Is Joey an artist as well?

Yes, he is an actor and voice over artist.

7. How did your love start?

Through a friendship. We became friends and got into the habit of hanging out a lot. I left town for my friend's wedding. I ended up leaving my bridesmaids dress in the cleaners and I asked Joey if he could please ship the dress to me. He woke up early and got there as they were opening and mailed it to my parent's house on the east coast. The dress got there before I did! The time spent apart made us realize that we cared for each other more than just friends. 

8. Where are you two from?

I'm from South Florida and Joey is from Chicago. 

9. Favorite romance movie?

Amanda - The Notebook

Joey - Titanic

10. What is a secret for cherishing a long lasting relationship?

Respect, appreciation, communication and understanding. 

11. What is the biggest challenge to make a relationship work?

Our biggest challenge until now was when we had to be apart for 1 month while Joey went back home to be with his family. What helped us through that was texting and calling each other first thing in the morning and right before going to sleep every night. 

12. You always seem happy, do you ever lose your temper and how often?

You haven't seen me in the kitchen when things go wrong. I get very flustered and get irritated or cry when things go wrong while I'm cooking, especially if I'm hangry. How often.. hmm about once maybe twice a month. 

13. Does Joey leave his wet towel on the bathroom door/floor/bed?

No. I do. Hahah he never complains about it and I eventually end up hanging it back on the hook. 

14. When and how did you feel that he is the right one?

After about two weeks of dating. Everything just flows so easily with him, it just felt right. I remember telling my mom about two weeks in. He's the one, I just know it. 

15. What's your favorite date place?

The beach or our couch. 


If you have any other ones leave them in the comments. 


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