My Real Life Challenge

We see how people's lives appear to be but we never REALLY see how people live. When Joey and I are walking in the neighborhood I mention how I wish I could be a fly on the wall and peep into people's authentic lives. Are most people messy? What do they eat? How is the family dynamic? I know this is deep rooted in my interest in psychology and sociology. That's why most of my drawings illustrate those times we are ourselves in the comfort of our homes. 


In 2015 when the live-streaming app Pericope launched I really opened up my life and did this via live-streaming. I brushed my teeth live, cooked, ate, painted, and even live streamed one full night of me sleeping. I still can't believe I did that haha. All for the sake of social experiments! You can't edit-re do anything while live-streaming so that's why I loved it. 

Buzzfeed did a mini documentary on me about it you can watch here. 


SO if you would like to join in on the challenge comment your Instagram handle below so I can follow along!