A Couch Story

Joey and I have become what some people may call couch potatoes. We are obsessed with our new couch. You know when people say, “Sorry I have to go get home to our kids/dogs.” That’s how we feel when we are separated from our couch for too long.

We have been on the hunt for a new couch for a while now hitting up a bunch of different stores. Some looked great but were SO uncomfortable. The biggest roadblock of all I would say is the depth of the couches. We didn’t want a sectional that took up so much space but we did want a couch we can both comfortably cuddle and nap on. We pretty much wanted a beouch, a bed/couch. Does that even exist? How can we get away with having a bed sized couch in our living room without it being awkward looking? Our first pick was the Cloud Couch from Restoration Hardware. When we tried it out we melted in the couch, it really felt like a cloud. Before making the 4,000+ purchase I wanted to do some more research on it and try out other stores. (spoiler alert: we didn’t end up with the cloud couch, it’s not as great as we thought.)

The stores we checked out in person:

Restoration Hardware



Scandinavian Designs

Bassett Furniture

Room and Board

Crate and Barrel


The Joneses

Joey and I went from store to store sitting on every couch that looked comfortable. We didn’t find anything that we both loved. So I went home and did more research. I read through countless posts and reviews on the Cloud Couch from forums of people that worked in the store and own it. I learned that the people that work at the store have to be constantly fluffing up the cushions because they are made from real feathers and get really flat quickly. I saw how they look like in people’s homes when they aren’t fluffed up and it wasn’t a pretty sight.


Then when we thought maybe all hope was lost we drove down the street to the local beverly hill’s furniture store The Joneses. We walk in and immediately LOVE the aesthetic of the whole place. We sit on the first couch on the right and we are both in love. It’s the most comfortable couch we have both ever sat in in our entire lives. We didn’t want to get up. The only problem, it was a pretty big couch with a chase. The sweet women working there asked me what I was looking for and she let me know I can get any couch custom made to order!! We were so happy. Then we looked at the tag of the couch and it was about $5,600.. So we took their card and told them we would be in touch.

A couple months went by and I couldn't get the couch out of my head. The holidays were coming up and I thought what better present than to get a couch for us? So during an errand run I went over to the Joneses and customized our dream couch.

Here are some of the details of how the couch is made:

The frame is made with local west coast kiln dried Alder wood and steal. 

The cushions are filled with trillium, which is a cruelty free and hypoallergenic. Trillium is fantastic because it behaves like down without the allergens and dust associated with down. Down will inevitably disintegrate over the years- silverfish and other insects love to feast on it.  None of that happens with trillium. 

Trillium will last for a the lifetime of the sofa and always fluff up like new. It’s an amazing product with no harmful chemicals. 

Fabrics come from local mills and are not treated with dangerous chemicals such as scotch-guard or chemical fire retardant. The fabric used is a durable poly fiber.

Their factory is fair wage and they do not ship their products to encourage others to buy local.

Oh yeah and it comes with a lifetime warranty on the craftsmanship! 

A couple weeks later the couch was ready! It was scheduled to come at a certain time so I told Joey to step out for about an hour because I had a surprise. He came back home to the couch and the rest is history. Obsessed is an understatement. This couch is one of the best purchases I have made in my life. We cuddle, take amazing comfortable naps, work on the couch, it’s our happy place. We are now officially couch potatoes.

Oh and I NEED to add that we are also obsessed with our pillows that we got from Sew and Cloth , it is a small women owned business. The pillow covers are SO beautifully handmade and the owner of the shop is extremely sweet. I also enjoy following her page on Instagram.

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