Orange Ginger Veggie Mouth Watering Pasta

My Venezuelan grandmother is in LA which means.... yummy meals are being made! Here's a delicious recipe that has never been shared! It's really healthy and savory! 


3/4 of a 16 OZ package of angel hair pasta.

Parmesan Cheese

5 long green onion shoots

Half a red pepper

Half a yellow pepper

Half an orange pepper

Half a red onion

1 ginger root.. approximately 2 inch by 2 inch of a ginger root. 

6 big basil leaves

A teaspoon of salt

A teaspoon of pepper

Olive oil


2 cloves of garlic

8 OZ orange juice



1. Fine dice the peppers, garlic, red onion.

2. Cut the green onion shoots 

3. Julienne the basil

4. Grate the ginger 

5. Add the garlic, onion and ginger to a separate bowl.

6. Boil the water and cook the pasta. (follow the instructions on the box)

7. Put the drained pasta aside in a covered bowl. 

8. In a pan add 2 tablespoons of oil and 2 tablespoons of butter.  

9. Simmer the garlic, red and green onion, ginger salt and pepper until the veggies look tender. approx. 2-3 minutes. 

10. Then add the rest of the veggies to the pan and cook until al dente (cooked to be firm to the bite)

11. Add the orange juice. stir and leave for about 2-3 minutes. Turn off. 

12. You're almost finished ! :D

13. Now add the veggies to the pasta! Mix them together and add as much parmesan cheese as you'd like! 

This is my first time writing a recipe.. I really hope you enjoy this delicious pasta. If you do make it please share your thoughts, experiences and feedback below or tag me on your social media account if a video or photo is posted. My grandma would love to hear people trying her recipe. @amandaoleander on all social. 

Here's Bita wearing my hat that my mom gifted me last year. I had her pose for the blog. The bowl is empty because this is taken days after the pasta was made but I wanted to share a picture of her in the kitchen.. :) 

This photo was taken the night we made the pasta. Check out the Periscope here.

Photo cred: My sweet and amazing boyfriend, Joey Rudman.

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