"Whatever you can vividly imagine, you can achieve. Everything in your world and everything around you was once an idea in the mind of its inventor or creator." Jim Donovan

Thank you.

Hi world, 

I have 30 minutes to write something before I leave to a dinner. I wanted to start blogging for a while now but I don't know where to start. So I guess I'll start with today and catch up later. 

Thank you. 

I want to start off my blogging journey by saying thank you. Thank you to each human that has touched my life in a positive way.  I am full of gratitude for the world, my family, online community and love. 

What I will be blogging about will be my thoughts, feelings, my journey as an artist, human, lover, and friend. You will also learn that my mind jumps from idea to idea and that is the way I write.

I want to leave this short blog post with this: 

Your perspective will change when you realize every single person is born with a power. Your power is your talent. Your passion is fueled by your talent and the more you nourish it, the greater it develops. Sometimes we think we don't know what it is. If you look for it you will find it. The answer isn't out there, it's within you. Sometimes we don't see it until we are in tune with ourselves and cut out the bullshit out of our lives. 

The clock is ticking and I have to go but leave any questions below or topics you would like me to cover.