"Whatever you can vividly imagine, you can achieve. Everything in your world and everything around you was once an idea in the mind of its inventor or creator." Jim Donovan

Women's March Los Angeles

Today Joey and I marched at the #womensmarch in Los Angeles. It was filled with love, compassion and creativity. At first I was a little hesitant because I didn't want to get caught up in a violent protest but this was the opposite. Women and their partners hand in hand, families protesting peacefully with their children, a women painting documenting the street, parents with babies.. people from all different walks of life just coming together.

I came to the march with a blank canvas and some paint and markers. I wanted people to write, draw, paint on whatever they wanted and to express themselves on the canvas. Joey had the great idea of drawing a hand first holding a sign. It was a nice way to meet new people and to collect people's creative energy at such an amazing time. This canvas is now a part of history. I am going to paint the hand and add some touches to this piece and will post a completed one this upcoming week.
Here are some photos and a video from our experience today.

#GlobalWarmingIsReal #womensmarch #womensmarchlosangeles #womensrightsarehumanrights 


Orange Ginger Veggie Mouth Watering Pasta

My Venezuelan grandmother is in LA which means.... yummy meals are being made! Here's a delicious recipe that has never been shared! It's really healthy and savory! 


3/4 of a 16 OZ package of angel hair pasta.

Parmesan Cheese

5 long green onion shoots

Half a red pepper

Half a yellow pepper

Half an orange pepper

Half a red onion

1 ginger root.. approximately 2 inch by 2 inch of a ginger root. 

6 big basil leaves

A teaspoon of salt

A teaspoon of pepper

Olive oil


2 cloves of garlic

8 OZ orange juice



1. Fine dice the peppers, garlic, red onion.

2. Cut the green onion shoots 

3. Julienne the basil

4. Grate the ginger 

5. Add the garlic, onion and ginger to a separate bowl.

6. Boil the water and cook the pasta. (follow the instructions on the box)

7. Put the drained pasta aside in a covered bowl. 

8. In a pan add 2 tablespoons of oil and 2 tablespoons of butter.  

9. Simmer the garlic, red and green onion, ginger salt and pepper until the veggies look tender. approx. 2-3 minutes. 

10. Then add the rest of the veggies to the pan and cook until al dente (cooked to be firm to the bite)

11. Add the orange juice. stir and leave for about 2-3 minutes. Turn off. 

12. You're almost finished ! :D

13. Now add the veggies to the pasta! Mix them together and add as much parmesan cheese as you'd like! 

This is my first time writing a recipe.. I really hope you enjoy this delicious pasta. If you do make it please share your thoughts, experiences and feedback below or tag me on your social media account if a video or photo is posted. My grandma would love to hear people trying her recipe. @amandaoleander on all social. 

Here's Bita wearing my hat that my mom gifted me last year. I had her pose for the blog. The bowl is empty because this is taken days after the pasta was made but I wanted to share a picture of her in the kitchen.. :) 

This photo was taken the night we made the pasta. Check out the Periscope here.

Photo cred: My sweet and amazing boyfriend, Joey Rudman.

Peri-Fam Birthdays!


This blog post is dedicated to my Periscope Family. A community we have built on the live streaming app, Periscope. 

Thank you to Heather aka @Heatco aka peri-godmother who put this list together of everyone that has shared their birthday from the Peri-fam. If you don't find yourself on the list please comment your birthday ( don't worry about the year).


Thank you.

Hi world, 

I have 30 minutes to write something before I leave to a dinner. I wanted to start blogging for a while now but I don't know where to start. So I guess I'll start with today and catch up later. 

Thank you. 

I want to start off my blogging journey by saying thank you. Thank you to each human that has touched my life in a positive way.  I am full of gratitude for the world, my family, online community and love. 

What I will be blogging about will be my thoughts, feelings, my journey as an artist, human, lover, and friend. You will also learn that my mind jumps from idea to idea and that is the way I write.

I want to leave this short blog post with this: 

Your perspective will change when you realize every single person is born with a power. Your power is your talent. Your passion is fueled by your talent and the more you nourish it, the greater it develops. Sometimes we think we don't know what it is. If you look for it you will find it. The answer isn't out there, it's within you. Sometimes we don't see it until we are in tune with ourselves and cut out the bullshit out of our lives. 

The clock is ticking and I have to go but leave any questions below or topics you would like me to cover. 






Beauty Transformation

My younger sister, Bianca and I had this idea to give her a beauty makeover.. keep reading to see what this is all about! The rest is written by her. 

My name is Bianca. I am 20 years old. I grew up female gendered.

I also grew up with two conventionally gorgeous sisters.

I lived in an environment which applauded female beauty. I remember being around 8 at a family party when a guy made it a point to make Amanda’s beauty, my older sister, a topic of conversation. When they realized I was standing there, observing awkwardly, he said, “Oh and Bianca has such a great personality!” Even then, I knew it was a pity compliment.

These types of interactions set the stage for me to try to compete for attention the way I saw females would acquire it, through physical, orthodox beauty. I started wearing makeup regularly and straightening my unruly hair since around 4th grade.

I started exploring my spirituality in high school, immersing myself in the concepts of the soul and reincarnation. Having put in perspective the relevance of the body and soul, I realized that the body is just a vessel and not what should define the soul.

I also realized how toxic it was for my self-esteem to depend on altering my body to match the image of beauty that this society has imposed on me. At the end of the day, I had to wash my face and hair and I was back to being ashamed of my body.

So I slowly started forcing myself to accept these imperfections. Among other things, I stopped wearing makeup and making my hair flawless. During this transition period, I felt inferior to my female classmates and was frustrated that other girls were praised for perpetuating this illusion of a woman.

Once I started rewiring my brain to not be so dependent on attention for physical beauty, (doesn’t that make it sound neat and simple?), my self-esteem became dependent on other facets of myself. I started to question the validity of other norms and truths that are propagated in this society. This included the truths the government/media feeds us about other cultures and the hierarchy of species, with humans at the top, entitled to control all others.

When my mom noticed that I stopped conforming to female beauty gender norms, she sat me down for a talk. She let me know that people wouldn’t want to date me if I didn’t partake in beauty rituals, like shaving and brushing my hair. She told me that it was not worth being ostracized for it. She was genuinely concerned with the negative attention I would get. But this aggravated me, I would rather be alone than be with someone that gave a shit about me looking like a Barbie.

So the spark of the idea of putting up before and after pictures of a beauty transformation came about when I asked my younger sister Claudia what her legs looked like without shaving. She told me she didn’t know because she started shaving since before she hit puberty. These beauty norms are so ingrained that people aren’t aware of how their body could look without being restricted by them.

I wanted to write this to show an example of what a female bodied person looks like without these alterations to their body and that it’s okay to look this way. I want to display the illusion of physical beauty that most people prize in this society.

For the record, I’ve found that not conforming to these norms has helped filter the assholes and left me with amazing mates :)

My “beauty” transformation

40 min:

Shaved legs

Shaved underarms

20 min:

Straighten hair (although most is in dreads)

40 min:

Shaved/tweezed eyebrows

Shaved mustache (I didn’t know I had one)

2 different concealers


2 different foundations





Face contouring

*I do cut my own hair around twice a year and my parents forced me to get the horrible torture device that are braces.



The Black Fish

 I am creating this painting to donate to this amazing organization that is an international marine conservation movement on a mission to end the industrial overfishing of our oceans. Through investigation and action they work to expose and challenge illegal and destructive fishing practices. Their grassroots campaigns and educational projects are aimed at empowering individuals to get actively involved in conservation work and help build grassroots citizen-led conservation communities. I will donate this piece so that they can then sell it and keep 100% of the proceeds to keep changing the world for the better. please follow them and show them support! 

Art is...

I created this in CS5 after reading over it in my old notes. Vik Muniz said this during his talk at the Mint Museum in Charlotte this past January. It was so great to hear him in person. He is one of my biggest inspirations as an artist. If you haven't seen his Oscar-nominated documentary, "Wasteland" you should really check it out. It's on Netflix last time I checked! Or watch it here :   



Contemporary Family Dinner

Most of us are losing real connections with our loved ones because we are too hypnotized by technology. Usually we are too hypnotized to notice. Next time you have a dinner with family and friends notice how many people can sit through a whole dinner without using any type of technology. Its scary. 

Contemporary Family Dinner Digital Illustration   2013

Contemporary Family Dinner

Digital Illustration